Silks and Dried Materials



Silk Flowers

National Decorative carries a large variety of silk flowers.We carry the beautiful everyday flowers like
the rose and carnation to the exotics of the anthurium, calla lily and heliconia.
Nationals silk flower line also includes wedding flowers such as the gardenia and stephanotis,
and seasonal flowers. Our line is very diverse from inexpensive to exquisite.
The color pallet of our silk flowers ranges from the dusty, to vibrant to muted tones.
We are an importer of silk flowers from all over the world.
As an importer we are unique because we sell our silk flowers by the piece.








Dried Materials

National Decorative Distributors offers unusual, beautiful, dried and preserved floral materials.
Having liaisons with the industries leading world manufacturers and growers of dried and preserved flowers,
we pride ourselves on our wide range of plant materials, purchasing these materials
only when processed at the optimal stage to provide you with the highest quality possible.

The Symphony of colors now available in dried materials mimic nature's own pigment,
resulting in flowers whose colors often can almost be thought fresh.

National Decorative Distributors is joining the celebration mode
with the arrival of the new millennium by stocking an exciting line of
dried holiday-sparkle materials along with our world gardens and
forest products. We hope you will explore with us new horizons with
the use of these items in your designs.



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